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MISUNDERSTANDING ABOUT COPYRIGHT seems to be a problem these days. We've had a lot of trouble with unscrupulous people who seem to think that if it's on the WorldWide Web it's free for the taking, for them to use and abuse. For example, the "Sanjankah Dog Club of America" has appropriated large chunks of our SSSD Breed Standard 1995 to provide window-dressing for their wolf-hybrid "Chukchi Sleddog" scam; the "International Seppala Siberian Sleddog Club" (ISSSC) has repeatedly ripped images from this website and posted them to its own disreputable website to promote its attempted hijack of the original SSSD breed concept. There have been other similar instances, including some involving Siberian Husky breed clubs. We would rather not have to take legal action to protect our intellectual property rights from this kind of exploitation; it's said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So here is a brief explanation of copyright in layman's terms. (Disclaimer: nothing on this page is intended to offer legal advice or interpretation of national or international copyright law. This page is for information only and no liability will be accepted resulting from use of or reliance upon this explanation.)


"Even if you sell your copyright to someone else, you still retain what are called 'moral rights'. This means that no one, including the person who owns the copyright, is allowed to distort, mutilate or otherwise modify your work in a way that is prejudicial to your honour or reputation. Your name must also be associated with the work as its author, if reasonable in the circumstances. In addition, your work may not be used in association with a product, service, cause or institution in a way that is prejudicial to your honour or reputation without your permission."


THESE PROVISIONS OF COPYRIGHT practice mean that you may not appropriate or "rip" material (text or images) you find on this website and re-write or otherwise alter it to reflect your own opinions or to serve your own purposes (as SDCA and ISSSC have both done). They also mean that you may not download our photographs and use them for websites, teeshirts, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs. You may not reprint our articles and photos in club newsletters without written permission. You may not post our material on the website of your own organisation, using it for purposes "prejudicial to our honour or reputation."

WE ENCOURAGE VISITORS to our site to download documents for their own personal educational use! That is why we have the documents online. We are happy to provide this free educational material. In return, we ask you to respect our rights and not to make unauthorised and illicit use of the material we have provided for your information and enjoyment. Thank you!

An excellent article explaining current copyright law in clear layman's language is now available at Copyright Guidelines for the Web. Highly recommended!

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